Ubisoft Database Passwords.txt

Ubisoft Database Passwords.txt

Jul 03
    Ubisoft Database Hacked Passwords Download

  • Size: 24.94 MB
  • Uploaded: 2013-07-03
  • Downloads: 721



  1. aa


  2. Trank

    better dont open it in note pad :)

  3. kght

    i went ahead and changed my password, but i don’t have a credit card connected to the account anyway, just got assassins creed 3 for free with my video card and that required an account.

  4. tomili

    I hate Ubisoft’s account system.

  5. 1

    they made you believe, their servers were safe….

  6. KaBob

    Well done Ubi you have just lost a customer!

    Games being deleted as we speak, I cant trust organisations that cant keep my data secure (hack or no hack) its not good enough

    • yan

      dude, did you sell your PS3 as well? Oh! and your PC, all your browsers and why not close all your government files and your bank account as well. All of these institution/products/companies have been hacked at least once. dumba**

  7. entromorph


  8. Majin

    i never understood why people would do this, there is no ryme or reason for it and no need for it either, it’s like they are just a bunch of idiots who think it’s funny to ruin things for everyone else

  9. warfare

    ubisoft is the worst gaming company. bankrupting, firing game disigners, not letting them have their money OMG. its complete hell.

    • trankinator

      They make great games though..

    • yan

      hmmm are you actually thinking that? If yes then please, search for: campus ubisoft and things like that.

  10. psy

    you can make so much money using those all emails…

  11. WavE

    I downloaded it but, gosh, I hate those surveys

    Emeraldfiles you better upload it on TOR before it get deleted.

  12. dkfewlfkj

    is it possible to skip the surveys?

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